Cochet Newborn Hat Pattern

This Cochet Newborn Hat Pattern is a joy to make. You can easily make it in an evening. Its a hat that would be good for toddlers as well as adults. The pattern comes in several different sizes. I made it in all different colors and sizes. 

The earflap covers the ears and the wearers love the tie that hangs down or ties below the chin.  

I made it in all different colors and sizes.  It’s a great beginner project because the pattern is easy to follow and you will end up with a product that looks well beyond your beginner ability.  

It is made using different kinds of stitches that are easy to put together.  The stitches used are chains, single crochet, double crochet, front post double crochet and, the shell stitch.  There is also some crocheting in the back loop.  All manageable stitches and techniques that any beginner can handle.  

You could also use any kind of yarn that you like.  

Here is where you can find the free or paid pattern.