Beautiful Easy Crochet Patterns That You Will Love To Make

Are you looking for crochet patterns that are beautiful and easy?

Great, I hope you will find inspiration here. The crochet patterns that you will find here are easy. Yet beautiful. I made them, so I know what I am talking about. Many of these patterns will be denser fabrics with fewer holes than crochet of older times.

Did you say “easy for who”?

No problem. I’ve got you covered. You will find many beginners patterns and instructions that you can master. I aim to provide new step-by-step video instructions that will clearly show you how to make each stitch. You will be able to pause and replay them as you crochet along. Some crochet patterns will have drawings and diagrams for the visual learners.

Perhaps you are looking to brush up or learn some new crochet stitch patterns. You may have learned to crochet many years ago, and now you want to revive your crochet skills. 

Crochet Hat Patterns

Are you looking to make hats? Choose from the many crochet hat patterns. But better yet, learn how to create your own crochet hats without patterns. Learn how to do it and you may never search crochet hat patterns again.

Crochet Blanket Patterns

Ironically, the first thing many new crocheters want to tackle is a blanket.  This is because crochet blankets are so practical.  They are beautiful and warm.  Many are quite easy to make but know that it will take time.  

First decide on the purpose of the blanket.  This will guide your choice of stitches, color and pattern.  Now go check out the many different Crochet Blanket Patterns here.  

Crochet Stitch Patterns

Knowing many crochet stitch patterns opens up the realm of possibilities. You can dream up many unique crochet items. Learn a new stitch or two here.

Crochet Scarf Patterns

Crochet Baby Patterns

Crochet Gifts for Men

Sometimes it is so hard to find crochet gifts for men. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting items that men love. So see if any of our picks catch your eye.

The crochet holiday collection is full of inspiring things to make.

Last year, I took on the challenge of crochet flower pattern and I was amazed at how easy it was. You too can do it and dress up an old hat with a flower or a leaf for a brand new look. You will find this in the Applique section under stitches


Modern Crochet Patterns

So, you’re not a beginner but you haven’t crocheted in a long time. Expect to find new stitches and techniques that have been brewing since you last thought of crocheting. There are lots of modern crochet designs for you to learn and make. Many of them look complicated but are really super easy to learn and master.

The Corner to Corner (C2C for short) is hot right now. It is surprising how quickly it works up into scarfs, hats, blankets, or whatever you can conceive.

Simple Crochet Gifts to Make

A gift that you make is the most well-received and cherished gift. It makes the receiver feel loved and valued because you took the time to make a special effort. Handmade is not mass-produced. It is unique and often one of a kind when you add your spin to it. Adding your spin will be easy once you learn some of the new stitches and techniques here. 

Crochet for Health

A study by the Craft Yarn Council revealed that participants experienced stress reduction, mood improvement, better concentration, better problem solving, increased memory and 93% said crocheting gave them a feeling of accomplishment.  Other studies also touted a reduction in pain as an added benefit.  

Many people have improved their mental and physical health by crocheting regularly.  

Woman crochetingWoman-crocheting

Please look around. The site is growing with more beautiful crochet patterns daily. Bookmark us now. Be sure to come back again and again for inspiration and videos that clearly show you how to. Make sure to check out our ever growing shop if you are looking for a crochet gift or to gift a crochet lover.

And remember, we want to see what you’ve made, so post a picture and receive the accolades you so rightly deserve.

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