Meet Carmen

picture of CarmenMeet Carmen

Hello. Welcome to crochetpatternsusa! I am thrilled to have you here.

The site specializes in easy and beautiful crochet patterns that anyone can enjoy. I am passionate about crochet and want to share my love with you.

The story of crochetpatternsusa began when at 10 years old, I learned to crochet.

I was fascinated that I could make fiber one stitch at a time. Learning to read patterns came quickly for me. Cotton thread was available, so I grew accustomed to working with the smaller needles.

Life happened, and I didn’t crochet for many years. Then, I needed some calm in my life and remembered that crochet could provide that relief. The rhythm of making the crochet stitches relaxes me. Plus, I am being creative and making something functional and pretty. The new yarns and threads on the market today are more beautiful and available than I remembered.

When I rediscovered crocheting again, I found that I loved it. I had made boxes of crocheted hats, scarves, blankets, bags, socks, and much more in a short time. I wanted to share my joy and passion with the world, so I created this website.

I prefer to make dense crochet fabrics, mostly because I live in New England. So, many patterns here will be without the many holes that crochet has been notorious for.

I hope to inspire you to learn a new stitch or to get and stay excited about crochet as I am.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me via the contact page. I welcome your questions and comments. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

                                                    Much Respect

                                                    Carmen Reid