Magic Loop:  What is it?  Why Should I use it?  Learn how to do it

The Magic Loop is also known as the Magic Ring. It is a loop used at the beginning of crochet. You crochet foundation stitches in this loop. Old crochet techniques used a chain 4,  joined with a slip stitch to form a ring. 

By using the magic loop, you can draw up the center of the crochet so the hole is tiny. This is the advantage of using the magic loop. You could not achieve this with the old chain method. 

People have been skeptical of using this magic loop because they claim it becomes undone when their projects are finished. But let me assure you that this will never happen if you do it properly. 

It is imperative to leave at least a 4-inch tail to weave in. If this tail is not long enough, it could cause your work to unravel.

It is lovely not to have a big hole in the center of your work. So since I learned this technique, I have never used the old chain method.  

magic loopstarting magic loop

Step 1:

Lay the yarn over your left hand.

Yarn tail is pointing to the ground.

Hold the tail down with your ring and pinky finger.

make x with yarnmake x with yarn

Step 2:

Grab the back yarn with your right hand and swing it under your fingers over the yarn you just laid.   

bring loop backbring loop back

Step 3:

Push the crochet hook under the right yarn and hook the left yarn.  

bring loop backbring loop back

Step 4:

Pull the hook back through with the hooked yarn.   

pull top yarn through looppull top yarn through loop

Step 5:

Keeping the loop on the hook, push the crochet hook under the yarn at the top and pull it back through the loop on the crochet hook.

finished magic loopfinished magic loop

Step 6:

Magic Loop Formed

finished magic loopfinished magic loop