Book Review  
350+ Crochet Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets 

350+ Crochet Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets is a small, well-organized book packed with knowledge for the new crocheter looking to learn crochet or someone simply looking to elevate their skills.  The information is disseminated by topic over 7 color-coded chapters.   

Book attempts to give a comprehensive view of crocheting, as is portrayed in the book title.     It covers information from choosing the right hooks to finishing your garment or fabric.

Author Jan Eaton is known internationally for her needlecraft and textile designs.  She is a freelance fabric designer for the UK and European magazines.  She has written more books on needlecraft.

The book measures 7.59 x 0.47 x 9.77 inches.  The contents span 160 pages.  The book is a beauty to hold in my hands. Its presentation is very inviting, with an abundance of clear pictures throughout.  It is printed on thick coated paper, which will hold up with constant use.  Making it a great addition to a borrowing library.  This would also make a good crochet textbook for institutions.

The pictures are sharp and beautiful and clearly illustrate the concept. In addition, it has some helpful charts in the back with a fold-out showing abbreviations that you can use to keep your place in the book.

There is information on all essential aspects of creating fabric with crochet.  The drawings are clear, and the instructions are complete and straightforward. 

It tells you about yarn, how to find yarn substitution, and even accurately estimating the amount you need.  In addition, many different crochet stitches, from the most basic to more advanced, are clearly illustrated. 

It contains instructions on making buttons, flowers, pockets, inserting zippers, reading word and symbol patterns, garment design, adapting patterns to get a good fit, fabric finishing, and one.    

 This is a truly comprehensive compendium of crochet information.  It’s a sure winner because it over-delivers in quality and quantity of content. 

This is a definite buy if you want to start or round out your crochet library. 

Star Rating - 4.5